We know that not being able to meet together physically during this time is difficult. One of our goals is to equip you with as many resources as possible to be able to study God’s word as a small group, family, or individual. Here are resources we think will be useful. Click each link to take you to the relevant page or information. 


Sunday Morning Material:

Babies and Toddlers – April 5th

Babies and Toddlers – April 12th

Preschool – April 5th

Preschool – April 12th

Additional Resources:

LifeKids Bible Adventure Videos


Sunday Morning Material:

1st & 2nd Grade – April 5th

1st & 2nd Grade – April 12th

3rd – 5th Grade – April 5th

3rd – 5th Grade – April 12th

Jesus Story Book Bible: 

Ch. 34 The man who didn’t have any friends – April 1st

Join our private Facebook page: 

NP Kids Facebook Page


Sunday Morning Life Group Material:

Middle School Lesson – April 5th

Middle School Lesson – April 12th

High School/College Lesson – April 5th

High School/College Lesson – April 12th

Devotional Studies:

Devotionals for Girls Based on Specific Books of the Bible

Devotionals for Guys Based on Specific Books of the Bible

Short, Quick Daily Devotions for Students

4 Devotional Studies from One of Our Favorite Curriculum Companies

Bible Reading Plans: 

Guide to Prayer 7 Day Plan

Faith Over Fear 10 Day Plan

Teach Us to Pray 6 Day Plan