Worship Interns

The NorthPark Worship internship is a program designed to introduce high school, college and seminary students to worship ministry in the context of the local church. Our hope is that our interns will be challenged, trained and equipped in four main areas:

1. Theology of Worship

Our primary question here is this: What does the Bible say about worship? Through study of Scripture, and reading and discussing additional resources, we hope to assemble a healthy theology of worship.

2.Philosophy of Worship Ministry

With our theology of worship as our foundation, we will examine how “what” we believe about worship works out in “how” we plan our worship gatherings.

3.Disciple-Making/Leadership Development

God has called all Christians to be disciples who make disciples. In addition to that, pastors are to be watching out for leaders to train. Becoming wise and equipped in both of these areas is important for aspiring worship leaders. Our desire is to read and discuss material that will strengthen us in both of these categories.

4.Worship Leadership / Musical/Technical Skill

In leading, learning and observing, we hope to help our interns become more skillful worship leaders and musicians who are ready to serve the local church most effectively.

          Most Asked Questions:

  • When will the internship begin?
    The internship will start May 2019
  • When will the internship end?
    The internship will end August 2019
  • Does this internship pay?
    No it doesn’t.
  • How many hours a week? High School Interns will meet twice a month and serve on Sunday mornings in some type of leadership capacity in one of our worship services (worship choir, band, singer, or technical ministry). College and Seminary Interns will Schedule their meetings with the Worship Pastor based on their availability.


For more information contact Charlie Martin at cmartin@northparkbc.org



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